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Accel5®’s Business Book Summaries of the Month: March 2021

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Work Together Anywhere by Lisette Sutherland and K. Janene-Nelson
Beyond making remote work possible, technology has brought about potent collaborations and new lifestyle options for those who work remotely. At the same time, remote work brings its own set of best practices, etiquette questions, and potential pitfalls. In Work Together Anywhere, Lisette Sutherland and K. Janene-Nelson cover the dos and don’ts for individuals, remote teams, and companies looking to migrate to remote models. From investing in the right technology to spotting the personality traits best suited to remote work, the right approach can help you make the most of this working style.

The Communication Habit by Laura Joan Katen
Whether you’re an individual contributor or a leader in your workplace, communication skills are key to success. Although you may be able to identify your communication strengths, you may be unaware of behaviors that are undermining you, leading others to view you in a negative light. In The Communication Habit, Laura Joan Katen highlights the subtleties around communication that can often mean the difference between adding another dimension to your success or unconsciously undermining yourself — between being perceived the way you want versus the way others assume. She offers tips and tools to support and develop key communication habits and coaches readers on how to navigate common and awkward workplace situations.

Never Fly Solo by Rob Waldman
In your business and your personal life, you may have fears and self-limiting beliefs that are holding you back from high performance. Strong relationships can help you develop the courage to take risks and reach new levels of success. In Never Fly Solo, Lt. Col. Rob “Waldo” Waldman shares lessons learned from his career as an Air Force fighter pilot and entrepreneur and offers a “flight plan” to help you build trusting partnerships, overcome your fears, and attain your goals.

Good Guys by David G. Smith and W. Brad Johnson
Gender inequality in the workplace is a known problem; however, many organizations view the solution to this challenge as specifically a “women’s issue.” Although gender inequity is a critical leadership issue, most men haven’t meaningfully engaged with the problem. In Good Guys, David G. Smith and W. Brad Johnson share evidence-based strategies that men can use to become better allies for women at work.

The Socially Intelligent Project Manager by Kim Wasson
Teams exist to complete projects, but projects can only succeed when you have good relationships with your team members. Without strong relationships, your team will struggle to work together and will be vulnerable to low motivation, toxic behavior, and other management crises. In The Socially Intelligent Project Manager, project management expert Kim Wasson teaches team leaders how to build trust with their team members, motivate everyone to work toward a project’s goal, and create a genial environment.

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Wild Success by Amy Posey and Kevin Vallely
Adventurers take human performance to the next level by confronting obstacles and thinking differently about setbacks. In many cases, they attain their goals by defying the odds and innovating in spontaneous ways. In Wild Success, Amy Posey and Kevin Vallely share the stories of modern-day extreme adventurers and identify the leadership lessons that can be derived from their experiences.

The Future Leader by Jacob Morgan
In The Future Leader, Jacob Morgan shares the insights he gained from 140 CEOs around the world on what will impact future leadership—from defining what leadership means for your organization to the key mindsets and skills required to increase your value tenfold in the future. There’s a gap between where leaders think they are and where they need to be, and those who are able to close this gap will guide the way to success in the future.

You Haven’t Hit Your Peak Yet! by Harvey Mackay
In You Haven’t Hit Your Peak Yet!, well-known author and businessman Harvey Mackay asserts that it’s never too late to become successful. He provides actionable advice on a range of professional issues that you can implement to elevate your workplace performance. By integrating this advice into your everyday life, you can develop the mindset and skills you need to advance your career and achieve your most ambitious goals.

Monopolies + Tech Giants by Harvard Business Review Press
Google, Facebook, Amazon, and other tech giants are growing in power and influence. They’re simultaneously loved, hated, and feared as they step into new industries and rewrite the rules. Leaders are finding that they need to embrace their strengths, imaginations, grit, and perseverance to survive alongside these behemoths. In Monopolies and Tech Giants, Harvard Business Review Press shares a curated selection of articles that can help leaders move forward. Covering critical topics such as the implications of tech giants’ rise to power, the future of antitrust, and strategies that can help incumbents succeed, this guide can be a valuable tool for leaders looking to keep pace with the big, agile giants around them.

Face to Face by Brian Grazer
Legendary producer Brian Grazer has brought countless iconic television shows and movies to life. Over the course of his career, he’s achieved tremendous successes — all of which he credits to his ability to connect with others, a skill we can all learn immediately. In Face to Face, Grazer goes behind the scenes of his life and notable works to reveal how being with people and forging authentic connections has helped him uncover the magical ingredients to make stories that resonate. He shares his time-tested, invaluable tips for establishing a genuine connection with anyone, which have led him to unexpected adventures and opportunities he never dreamed possible — by being open-minded, intentional, and present. Come along on this highly entertaining journey as Hollywood’s number-one producer helps you unlock the new realms of possibility for your life and career.

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