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Accel5®’s Business Book Summaries of the Month: November 2021

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This month’s collection of Accel5®’s Business Book Summaries cover timely topics such as women in the workplace, self-employment, remote work, leadership, technology and more.

A Woman’s Guide to Claiming Space by Eliza VanCort
In A Woman’s Guide to Claiming Space, Eliza VanCort offers women encouragement, resources and strategies to claim and maintain power in their personal and professional lives without apology. Since the world often tells women to be small, there’s inherent power in first believing that you deserve to claim space and power, to have a voice and to stand tall. VanCort illustrates how women can say “yes” to themselves, trust their intuition, and speak up with authority and confidence. Learn how to manage backlash with direct and calculated responses and strong allyship from a curated personal network.

HBR’s 10 Must Reads on Platforms and Ecosystems by Harvard Business School Publishing Corporation
Most traditional organizations operate as value-enriching pipelines to bring a product or service to market. Today, platforms are taking hold, enabling multiple organizations to reach, interact and transact with a pool of consumers who benefit from the platform’s ecosystem. In HBR’s 10 Must Reads on Platforms and Ecosystems, 19 of the world’s thought leaders on technology, technical strategy and ecosystem development share their insights for building platforms that benefit all participants. They explore resource orchestration, competitive threats and the development of new techniques that can help leaders succeed with a platform model.

The Self-Employed Life by Jeffrey Shaw
When you’re self-employed, it’s easy to feel as though you’re being pulled in multiple directions. You’re often torn between accomplishing your core work, learning new skills, cultivating relationships with potential clients, navigating personal obligations and taking on the challenges that emerge in each of those areas. In The Self-Employed Life, Jeffrey Shaw shares a framework for integrating those demands so that you can cultivate the best work experience. His strategies balance control and acceptance of life and work factors so you can experience the path you choose on your terms.

Future Tech by Trond Arne Undheim
For entrepreneurs trying to anticipate the next big thing, the rapidly shifting landscape of our ongoing technological revolution can make it more difficult than ever to know which forces to watch. In Future Tech, Trond Arne Undheim presents a framework to help you distinguish temporary trends from innovations that will change industries for good by first helping you gain a deeper understanding of the broader factors that drive disruption.

My Robot Gets Me by Carla Diana
Recent technological advances have made it easier and cheaper to design products that interact with their users. Cutting-edge product designers are leveraging these advances, together with insights from social psychology, to create products whose interactions serve users’ needs and engage them so that users feel their products “get” them — which gets users to love the products. Carla Diana explains this social design process in My Robot Gets Me, illustrating how excellent design merges with socially engaging technologies to create best-in-class interactive consumer products. This book is ideal for leaders and designers who wish to develop current and future socially intelligent interactive products.

The Long-Distance Teammate by The Kevin Eikenberry Group
While many people had to work remotely for the first time to stay safe during the pandemic, the number of people working from home had been increasing about 30 percent annually before the virus struck. In The Long-Distance Teammate, Kevin Eikenberry and Wayne Turmel provide teamwork and leadership strategies for today’s realities with a skills-based approach to remote work.

Thriving in the Fight by Denise Padín Collazo
As women of color, Latinas are on the front lines in fighting for social, economic, political and racial justice. That fight can be exhausting and take a significant personal toll. To be a powerful change agent, you must move beyond simply surviving — you must be able to thrive both professionally and personally. In Thriving in the Fight, author Denise Padín Collazo provides insights and tools that can help you trust your instincts, be your entire self and overcome negatives that are holding you back so you can vibrantly thrive as you champion change.

You Lead by Minter Dial
In You Lead, Minter Dial describes how leaders can get better results by being genuine and upholding their values. When you lead with authenticity and your core values align with your organization’s True North, your employees become your fans. You give them a clear purpose and inspire them to make customer service their priority. Dial provides advice to current and future leaders on topics such as discovering your “why,” developing the essential characteristics for a modern leader and creating a personal brand.

Unapologetically Ambitious by Shellye Archambeau
In Unapologetically Ambitious, Shellye Archambeau recounts significant events in her life as a businesswoman, mother and wife. Through chronological anecdotes that span her childhood, college years and career, she details the myriad lessons she learned that enabled her to become a CEO by the time she was 40. By adhering to her advice, readers can learn to have it all — both a successful career and a happy family.

Every Conversation Counts by Riaz Meghji
In Every Conversation Counts, Riaz Meghji teaches you to build solid and authentic connections in an increasingly disconnected world. His five-part framework employs conversation, deep listening, empathy, vulnerability and engaged virtual communication. These strategies and insights can help leaders strengthen their relationships with their people and help sales professionals connect with their customers. For professionals and entrepreneurs, these skills will help build the networks that drive opportunities and success.

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