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Time Smart by Ashley Whillans
Many people work as though money is the most valuable resource they could possess. They defer life experiences and freedoms in exchange for financial prosperity, often forgetting that time — unlike money — is finite and that chasing money can be a never-ending errand. In Time Smart from Harvard Business School Publishing Corporation, time expert Ashley Whillans describes how you can assign more value to your time and focus on having it in abundance. She explores the perils of time poverty, the riches of time affluence, and the steps you can take to tip the balance to systemic change.

Designing for Modern Learning by Crystal Kadakia and Lisa M.D. Owens
For years, organizations have invested in programs designed to fill gaps in capabilities. Today, with the urgent need to upskill employees and navigate complexities, these programs have become an imperative. In Designing for Modern Learning, Crystal Kadakia and Lisa M.D. Owens offer strategies that will help leaders design effective programs to meet both their organizations’ and learners’ needs. With a focus on learning clusters, learning assets, and broadened availability of training, their approach equips modern learners to lead, serve, and support their organizations.

The Trusted Executive by John Blakey
Since the 2008 global financial crisis, trust has been a common topic of discussion. But businesses have been slow to act and trust in corporations remains low. In The Trusted Executive, executive coach John Blakey teaches business leaders how to create organizational cultures based on trust. You’ll learn the three pillars of trustworthy leadership, how to measure organizational trust, and how to handle violations of trust.

Make Yourself a Little Bit Famous by Penny Haslam
You don’t need to be very famous to be known, liked, and trusted in your market and industry. In Make Yourself a Little Bit Famous, media expert Penny Haslam shares how you should broadcast who you are, explain what you do, and build your brand profile so that people recognize your expertise and turn to you for guidance. Through her strategies, which include exposure, connection, and participation in activities that will draw attention to you, she explains how you can present yourself as a person with the capacity to inform, influence, and inspire.

Auténtico by Dr. Robert Rodriguez and Andrés T. Tapia
Over the past decade, U.S. Latinos — now 18.5 percent of the population and 17 percent of workers — have made incredible gains in education, homeownership, and as entrepreneurs. However, corporate America has yet to realize that Latinos are the present and future of U.S. life. In Auténtico, Dr. Robert Rodriguez and Andrés T. Tapia provide insights and strategies to help organizations overcome the “five percent shame” as well as a leadership framework for Latino and Latina professionals that addresses the challenges Hispanic leaders face and demonstrates how Latino cultural identity can be a unique asset.

The Extraordinary Power of Leader Humility by Marilyn Gist
We all know that poor leadership leads to subpar results. However, despite research and real-life success stories that indicate that lack of humility is a common cause of ineffective leadership, we don’t talk nearly enough about what humble leadership is and why it’s so critical. In The Extraordinary Power of Leader Humility, Marilyn Gist provides a framework for leader humility to show you and your team how respecting others’ dignity can pave the way not only to a more positive work environment but to long-term organizational growth in today’s world.

The Politics Industry by Katherine M. Gehl and Michael E. Porter
America’s political system has become an unhealthy duopoly. Through it, elected officials have proven to be incapable of attaining results and delivering long-term policy solutions. In The Politics Industry, business and political experts Katherine M. Gehl and Michael E. Porter apply Porter’s Five Forces framework to identify the problems and outcomes the American political system faces. They identify practical recommendations for change and opportunities for innovation in a system that’s no longer optimized to serve American citizens.

Virtual Facilitation by Henrik Horn Andersen, Iben Nelson, and Kåre Ronex
Modern digital platforms create possibilities for virtual workshops, meetings, and collaborations. In Virtual Facilitation, Henrik Horn Andersen, Iben Nelson, and Kåre Ronex explain how to succeed as a facilitator of virtual events. Combining case studies with tips, strategies, and practical tactics, this book is intended for anyone tasked with planning, overseeing, or participating in virtual training, work, or collaboration.

Beyond Good by Theodora Lau and Bradley Leimer
In Beyond Good, Theodora Lau and Bradley Leimer argue that the financial industry and its focus on short-term profits is responsible for the business world’s failure to serve “unprofitable” segments: gig workers, women, the elderly, people of color, and the global poor. However, with new advances in financial technology, the financial industry is now capable of leading the way on inclusivity, providing the banking services to the underserved that will give them the means to unlock their potential and lift themselves out of poverty and marginalization.

Relentless Solution Focus by Dr. Jason Selk and Dr. Ellen Reed
Research shows that focusing on about your problems is bad for your health, happiness, and performance. Unfortunately, the human brain has a tendency to ruminate. In Relentless Solution Focus, psychologists Dr. Jason Selk and Dr. Ellen Reed teach you how to stop dwelling on everything that’s wrong and start focusing on ways to make things right. Through their tools and exercises, you can retrain your brain to quickly shift its focus from problems to potential solutions. By developing a relentless solution focus (RSF) mindset, you’ll increase your confidence and your mental toughness to experience significantly greater levels of health, happiness, and success.

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