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Leadership in a Time of Crisis

Whether you are interested in developing personal management skills or have a team to look after, Accel5® compiles resources to support leaders through unprecedented and challenging times.

It goes without saying, 2020 has been anything but ordinary. As we continue to traverse new and unprecedented challenges, leaders must adapt to the unexpected. Here are the newest leadership business book summaries as well as a recent webinar recording from Accel5® influencer and leadership expert, Marshall Goldsmith.

Cracking the Leadership Code

Leaders are supposed to create and execute strategies, but according to Alain Hunkins in Cracking the Leadership Code, today’s global state of leadership is poor. Employee engagement and trust is decreasing, and too many leaders don’t know what it takes to succeed. Fortunately, you can become a great leader by adopting the right attitude and tools. By applying specific skills and knowledge, you can overcome behavioral traps, accelerate leadership growth, and become an effective leader who drives employee engagement and improves work satisfaction.

HBR’s 10 Must Reads On Leadership

Leading effectively is a challenge that requires changes in perspective, such as managing cross-functionally, using time wisely, responding to rapidly changing market conditions, mentoring others, and more. In HBR’s 10 Must Reads On Leadership (Vol. 2), Harvard Business Review Press highlights best practices and curates relevant articles that can help individuals lead their organizations in new and innovative ways.

The Self-Evolved Leader

The business world is changing faster than ever before, and in this environment, traditional approaches to leadership won’t lead to success. As an effective leader, you can help your team shift from yesterday’s way of doing business to practices that reflect the realities of tomorrow. In The Self-Evolved Leader, Dave McKeown provides a road map that you, your teams, and your organization can use to find an authentic leadership calling and build an atmosphere of shared accountability.

Learning to Lead

In Learning to Lead, former Aetna chairman and CEO Ron Williams coaches new and seasoned leaders through the qualities they need to develop for personal, interpersonal, and organizational success. He offers strategies for aspiring leaders that will help them to launch their careers, avoid disastrous missteps, and work through interpersonal conflicts, and he advises current leaders on how they can build high-performing teams, hone their leadership styles, and master new ways to communicate at work. Through personal stories and anecdotes from other leading CEOs, Williams offers practical steps and inspirational advice that will prepare future leaders for their journeys ahead.


In Reboot, Jerry Colonna explores three key elements that are needed for good leadership — the practical skills leaders need to grow and build their businesses, the ability to engage in radical self-inquiry, and the capacity to help others to share their struggles openly and honestly. For many leaders, radical self-inquiry often feels the most daunting and scary. It presses leaders to examine their strengths, challenges, motivations, and intentions. The goal is to find the belief systems that hold them back and foster feelings of inauthenticity and insufficiency. When leaders examine themselves in this way, they discover their truths and learn how they can lead with depth, resolve, congruency, and resilience. These qualities will help them become better leaders as well as better, happier, and more resilient people.

Being a Great Leader During a Time of Crisis

In a webinar moderated by EBSCO Information Services’ Director of Learning & Development Emily Hayden, we explore timely topics surrounding Leadership in a Time of Crisis with leadership expert, Marshall Goldsmith.

Key takeaways from the webinar include:

  • How to manage yourself during this time of crisis so that you can make the best of what is here
  • How to lead people during this time of crisis to help each person focus in the right direction
  • How to lead a team during this time of crisis so the team members can work to help each other


Whether you are a seasoned leader brushing up on new leadership skills or are new to managing others, these resources will help lead you on the path to developing leadership.

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