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The Value of Video in Your Corporate Learning Strategy

Videos are an essential part of a corporate learning program. Learn how to best leverage videos as a tactic for corporate education with tips from EBSCO’s Accel5.

Effective corporate learning programs employ a multi-faceted approach to training and developing employees. Key information and concepts for employees can be presented and reinforced in several ways — from in-person training sessions, to self-directed learning, and everything in between.

To create a more engaging learning program, many companies are now embracing video content as a pillar of their program. Videos present an engaging and cost-effective way for employees to learn hard and soft skills. Some benefits of video-based learning include:

Improved Resource Usage: For many employees, corporate learning can be viewed as another task on their growing to-do list. However, videos can help make these lessons more enjoyable and engaging. According to a Forrester Research report, people are up to 75 percent more likely to watch a video than they are to read documents or online articles. Offering video content for your employees will simply make them more likely to utilize their training resources.

Increased Information Retention: Corporate learning programs are only effective if the information presented is understood and remembered by employees. Unfortunately, according to a study by the SAVO Group, employees will forget 65 percent of the material covered in a training session after just seven days.

To reap the many benefits of video-based learning, you must provide your employees with high-quality content at the right time.

However, when you present these concepts through video, retention rates increase by 65 percent. This could be attributed to Edgar Dale’s theory, The Cone of Experience, which states that people remember 50 percent of what they see and hear — as opposed to just ten percent of what they read, 20 percent of what they hear, or 30 percent of what they see.

Engaging for All Employees: Presenting lessons through video adds yet another learning option for your employees. This is especially helpful for creating a program that meets the needs of different employee learning styles. Visual learners will benefit from the option of watching videos, as opposed to reading an article or sitting through a workshop.

Learning from Experts: Many companies do not have the budget or resources to schedule high-profile thought leaders to work with their employees. However, through videos employees can access the top thinkers in business anytime, anywhere. Best practices can be shared throughout the internet, as well as through specialized platforms such as EBSCO’s Accel5®. Through video, connecting employees to thought leaders is simple and cost-effective.

To reap the many benefits of video-based learning, you must provide your employees with high-quality content at the right time. EBSCO’s Accel5 features videos from top thought leaders, such as Marshall Goldsmith, Amy Edmonson, Daniel Pink, Herminia Ibarra, and many more. All videos are under five minutes — ideal for all employees. To learn more, talk to an EBSCO representative today.

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