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Webinar Replay: The Truth About Leadership with Jim Kouzes

In this webinar, best-selling author and Accel5 thought leader Jim Kouzes discusses the fundamental truths about leadership.

While the context of leadership has changed over the years, the content of leadership has remained fundamentally the same. Leaders must be mindful of what’s proven and what’s real and not be swayed by fad or fancy, hype or hard sell.

In this webinar, award-winning author Jim Kouzes discusses some of the enduring truths about leadership. These truths are not just wild assumptions but based on recent analyses of global data from over one million respondents.

As a result of Jim Kouzes’s presentation, you will learn:

  • The fundamental assumption that makes everything a leader does possible.
  • The foundation of all leadership, something that is absolutely essential to the believability of a leader’s message.
  • The one characteristic that sets leaders apart from individual contributors and the implications for your work as a leader.
  • The context in which leaders perform at their best, and how you can leverage it as a leader to improve performance.
  • What you can do in every interaction with every constituent to improve performance.
  • What it takes to become the best leader you can be, and why it isn’t talent.
  • How to apply these lessons immediately to the work that you do as leaders.

To learn more, listen to the webinar recording.

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