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Accel5’s Top Five Business Book Summaries of 2018

EBSCO’s microlearning solution, Accel5, features exclusive summaries of the top business books.

EBSCO Corporate Solutions’ microlearning solution tool Accel5 features hundreds of business book summaries from top authors and publishers. These exclusive summaries cover a wide range of topics including communication, leadership, collaboration and technology.

EBSCO has rounded up the most-read summaries of 2018 highlighting Accel5’s most popular business book summaries. Purchase an individual subscription for access to our full library of summaries today.

Simply Said, by Jay Sullivan

In Simply Said, award-winning author Jay Sullivan offers strategies for improving your ability to connect and communicate with others. According to Sullivan, the most significant differentiator for improving communication effectiveness is to focus less on yourself and pay more attention to other people. By learning how to craft your message and better convey content in conversation and in writing, you will enhance your management and leadership abilities in all areas of your life.

HBR Emotional Intelligence Series: Leadership Presence

In HBR Emotional Intelligence Series: Leadership Presence from Harvard Business Review Press, twelve of the leading researchers, professors, thought leaders and experts in the field of leadership contribute articles on the power of executive presence. The articles analyze the importance of leadership poise and demeanor to help professionals at all levels learn how to project maturity, confidence, warmth and strength.

EBSCO has rounded up the most-read summaries of 2018 highlighting Accel5’s most popular business book summaries.

Flip the Switch, by Jez Rose

In Flip the Switch, author, speaker, and recognized thought leader Jez Rose uses examples from the business world to provide a roadmap for using mental changes to produce behavioral changes. By following the steps outlined by Rose and making simple changes to how you think and act, you can achieve extraordinary success.

Collaboration Begins with You, by Ken Blanchard, Jane Ripley, and Eunice Parisi-Carew

In today’s business environment, collaboration is more important than ever. Innovative ideas exist at all levels of organizations and within all functional areas. Collaboration is the key to leveraging this knowledge and increasing an organization’s competitive advantage. In Collaboration Begins with You, Ken Blanchard, Jane Ripley, and Eunice Parisi-Carew illustrate an effective framework for promoting a culture of collaboration.

Unstoppable You, by Patricia McLagan

In Unstoppable You, Patricia A. McLagan compares the stages of human life to incremental software upgrades. In learning 1.0, from before birth to school age, we learn subconsciously. In learning 2.0, which extends through adolescence, we also learn from formal schooling. In learning 3.0, during adulthood, we become responsible for our own learning and development. McLagan believes we can significantly improve our learning abilities, and our lives, by applying advanced learning powers — in short, upgrading to learning 4.0.

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