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Add Business Book Summaries to Your Summer Reading List

Accel5 offers a wide library of business book summaries to develop critical soft skills even when time is short. Add some of the most popular titles to your summer reading list.

Students use summer reading to avoid the “summer slide” or summer learning loss, the same approach can help professionals looking to expand their skills all year round.

The summer months are an optimal time to catch up on reading to help you foster professional growth. Reading business book summaries is a great way to learn how to improve critical soft skills. Services like Accel5 offer an enterprise or individual subscription so exclusive summaries can be taken from your desk to the airport, or even the beach.

See some of our top-rated business book summaries below, or request a free enterprise trial of Accel5 to access hundreds of summaries.

Simply Said, by Jay Sullivan

In this summary, author Jay Sullivan offers strategies for improving your ability to connect and communicate with others. The most significant differentiator for improving your communication effectiveness is to focus less on yourself and pay more attention to other people. By learning how to craft your message and better convey your content in conversation and in writing, you will enhance your management and leadership abilities in all areas of your life.

Flip the Switch, by Jez Rose

If you want to achieve extraordinary results in business, you need to “flip the switch” and change the way you do things. By making simple changes to how you think and act, you can achieve extraordinary success. In this summary, Jez Rose uses examples from the business world to provide a roadmap for using mental changes to produce behavioral changes.

5% More, by Michael Alden

In 5% More, Michael Alden offers simple methods for giving five percent more to your family, your colleagues, your managers, your business and yourself. He illustrates how adopting this model can make a dramatic difference in your achievements, no matter where you are in life. Through research and inspiring stories, he demonstrates how step-by-step improvements have a greater chance for success than do large leaps, which often result in failure.

Collaboration Begins with You, by Ken Blanchard, Jane Ripley and Eunice Parisi-Carew

In today’s business environment, collaboration is more important than ever. It is the key to leveraging this knowledge and increasing an organization’s competitive advantage. In this summary, authors Ken Blanchard, Jane Ripley, and Eunice Parisi-Carew illustrate an effective framework for promoting a culture of collaboration.

How to Write… Effective Business English, by Fiona Tablet

In the second edition of How to Write…Effective Business English, Fiona Talbot employs her four-step Word Power Skills system to help readers write successful business English that conveys passion, not “management speak.” Talbot’s handy guide will help writers impress their audiences, sell products and services, and create brand reputation across a wide range of platforms.

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